Trading as directly as can be ...

... at a wide selection of brokers – without ever leaving Guidants

More and more brokers and banks are joining with our investment and analysis platform. This means you can trade at your broker comfortably via Guidants without loss of time.

The following brokers are already available for you:

(the possibility of trading via Guidants at Flatex and ViTrade is offered by Guidants Trading GmbH).

The most important reasons that speak for trading via Guidants


Information, analysis, exchange and trading. Guidants is a platform that combines all these and more!


Guidants offers tools for every need and investment type, for example a screener and charting tool where you can trade directly!


Trade directly via Guidants with your broker. And of course, the highest level of data security is self-evident for us.


More than 100 finance and stock exchange experts support you with their trading ideas and strategies.


You can trade via your smartphone.

How does trading via Guidants work?

  • Trade with your existing broker account.
  • We don't save your information for login.
  • The Broker is responsible for the verification of your login data.
  • All transactions take place exclusively between you and the broker.
  • The respective bank is also responsible for the price quotation and execution.
  • Depending on the broker, different TAN verification methods are possible.